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  • what's happening with these two babies.

    those two are showing signs of the sunburn? Click image for larger version

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    I think so. Bought a small 1 1/2 foot Panache and it came with 2 figs and both have that dark black stain.

    One already ripened and eaten and no issues with taste or digestion.

    But what is up with those necks! I'm not familiar with your fig.

    Is it Green Giraffe (just making names up over here).
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    • Joshawa
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      It's supposed to be a Hardy Chicago. Bought it from a local grower, he said so.

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    The lower fig looks like it’s aborting.
    it will probably fall off in the next couple days.

    Did the tree get stressed recently?
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    • Joshawa
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      not anything i can think of.
      that stem has been acting wired ever since i pinched it.
      First, the top portion became reddish, and it's still somehow reddish, and then now this.

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    I'm assuming your trees are young so any stress ie underwatering, too much fertilizer can cause the young tree to abort its first few figs. All you can do it keep an eye on it. Overall from the picture your tree looks healthy IMO
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    • Joshawa
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      underwatering: possible, because it has been very hot lately. and the tree is in a grow bag.
      overfertilizing: possible, ii put some granules every 3 months, and cow manual every 2-3 weeks, randowmly.

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    I agree with what others have said.

    The one on the bottom is aborting. It is probably soft now and will drop relatively soon.

    The upper one has a dark spot on it. It is not uncommon for me to have dark spots/blemishes where the fig touched a leaf or a stake while growing in the initial stage. I have found that to be of no real concern.
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