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  • Early ripening Bensonhurst Purple in Zone 5

    I haven't seen this variety in the early category but it has proven to be a tasty hardy Chicago variant. It does have issues with about 50% of them splitting but they have all been good tasting. Mild-moderate berry flavor with a "melt in your mouth" texture. The main crop is a beautful fig with a blue-ish tint and slight cracking on the sides.

    Breba was tasty and ripened July 25th. First main crop figlets popped around May 30th and first ripe fig was August 23rd which makes it 85 days. I've had about 5 more ripe figs since then and many more will ripen in the next few days.

    Question: If a fig forms at the same time as main crop but on 1y old wood, is it still a breba? If so, they are identical to main crop but different than the first brebas that have a darker color and completely closed eye.
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    NH - Zone: 5b/6a
    WL: Cosme Manyo, De la Senyora (Hivernenca)

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    Look at that neck... breba right? Color and cracking on last photo is awesome. To my understanding it's a breba if it's from last year's wood. My I-258 produced breba and main crop at same time but aborted main crop and ripened breba instead.
    Forest Hill, Texas: Zone 8a

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      the first photo with the elongated neck and smooth black skin, is the first breba crop and the second photo with the short neck and blue hue, is the main crop. It also set second crop of breba at the same time as main crop and look and taste the same as main.