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  • UPDATED! Antelco CFD Downspray Spray Stake

    My Downspray stakes arrived today. The Downspray stake has a 12" metal stake along with a 36" attached piece of tubing with a connector on the end that can be inserted into your mainline. The spray stake also has a clip that you can fold the tubing and shut off the water supply.

    I installed my downspray stake onto an existing 2GPH emitter that is from my old sprayer. The water stream is not like the manufacturers picture but it is enough to water a 6 gallon pot.

    I will continue to see how they work out.

    Click image for larger version

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    Do you have a pressure regulator on your drip line? If so you could try taking that off if it doesn't affect anything else.
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    • tinyfish
      tinyfish commented
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      I do have a pressure regulator but the issue is I have a 2 gallon emitter that is feeding the downspay stake so that is limiting the pressure. If I remove the emitter then that tree will get to much water compared to the rest. When i switch all the rest over then I can remove all the 2 gallon emitters.

    • WIFigger
      WIFigger commented
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      I think that'll help your spray pattern. I'm using spot spitters and that's what I ended up doing.

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    Nice! I’m thinking of going with these too. Do you need to worry about the water spraying on the tree trunk? How many are you putting per pot? Hope you don’t mind me asking!
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    • tinyfish
      tinyfish commented
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      I use only a 6 gallon pot so I will only use one per pot. Its hard to see in the picture but there is good all around coverage.

      I am not worried about water on the trunk but I am no expert.

    • ginamcd
      ginamcd commented
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      The Antelco Potstreams I use spray from the sides of the pot and the trunks do get soaked 1-2 times a day. It has never caused any problems.

    • RosyPosy
      RosyPosy commented
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      tinyfish & ginamcd Thanks for the info!

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    im about to pull the trigger and pick up some Antelco CFD Downspray (black). was gonna use 1/2 poly main line with 2 gph pressure compensating emitters and a psi on the mainline of 25 but then a found this post.

    considering bumping up the psi to 35 and either running 3.2 netafim drip emitters or just using the basic ones that come with the assembly. would love to hear how u ended up running it. merci


    • tinyfish
      tinyfish commented
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      If I remember correctly the downspray stakes has a built in emitter so you can just use the downspray stake assembly with no extra emitter.