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  • The soft count list.

    I know I have more. But had to do a quick count between showers.
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    Mike Lamonte

    Louisiana Zone 8/9. W/L Caprifigs of old and new ones to trial.

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    Nice lists! Hope you get many good figs from them!
    β€‹π“‚ƒπ“‚ƒβ˜½οΈŽβ€‹α¨π“‚ƒHigh Desert Foothillsπ“‚ƒα¨β˜Όβ€‹π“‚ƒβ€‹π“‚ƒβ€‹
    Zone 9Γ£ β€’ Southern CA


    • goodfriendmike
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      Thank you! Most are rooted cuttings from this pass season. Most already in 7 gallon grow bags. Looking forward to cutting season.

    • RosyPosy
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      goodfriendmike Exactly the same with mine, down to the 7 gallon bags. I think next year will be a good one for both of us, definitely better than this year! YES, cutting season! Hoping to get the remaining varieties on my list and to mostly finalize my collection.

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    Wow goodfriendmike , when did you start growing? That's an impressive list.
    Have some of them fruited for you already?
    C.Florida 9B WL: I-258 , Black Ischia, Ham Rham, Ghoudane , Moro de Caneva


    • goodfriendmike
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      Figs just recently like last cutting season. I have always had a possible celeste well at least 20 years. A couple of the unknowns fruited and of course U.P. and one other smryna fruited like crazy then dropped. No wasp yet lol.

    • FloraFig
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      Hopefully the wasp notices all the figs next year. 😊

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    Looking goodπŸ‘πŸ»
    Round Rock, TX 8b
    WL: Delicious figs