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  • Des Roig Manyo 2021

    I'm trying this variety for the first time this year. I think I picked this one up based on Harvey's description of the fig, because I looked back through previous postings on this variety, and I'm not seeing a lot of praise for this variety. I'm also confused by Pons' description of the taste as bland. That wasn't my experience at all. Mine tastes a lot like Harvey describes, which is a very sweet flavor with some berry. I'd compare it most closely with the taste of LSU Tiger. A very good fig!

    Video link: https://youtu.be/b79NJIo9tIQ

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    That definitely looks good. I like the gradient color yellow green to purple to olive.
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      Last year I let it dry on the tree and it tasted very sweet and chewy. It was like eating a gummy jelly candy. I plan to do the same this year.
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      • SubmarinePete
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        Yes. Very sweet with chewy skin. I’m glad others are getting the same characteristics. I didn’t let the pulp gel but I might try that

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      I grafted 5 cuttings onto an in ground Big Celeste and all are growing well but won’t get figs this year. Gonna look forward tasting the variety next year after seeing this thread!
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        I was lucky to get a airlayer form 17short . Looking forward to growing that bad boy next season. Its doing great by the way
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          Hello SubmarinePete.
          I recently acquired Des Roig Manyo cuttings and they’ve just begun to root. I was wondering if your tree exhibits red petioles?

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          • SubmarinePete
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            I can’t remember—sorry