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  • What kind of fig is this?

    This fig tree was given to me and I was told it was a white marseille. Now that it’s produced figs I know it’s NOT. Can anyone identify it? Thanks
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    Looks like LSU Purple to me.
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      I second that... LSU Purple.

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    Hi Nancy, welcome to ourfigs! Others may have already shared this. It is worth noting that it is impossible to get an exact identity without knowing the source. Even being in person, tasting the fruit, etc will never reveal an exact ID. There are too many variables (climate, age, etc) and varieties (1000's) to attach a name to a fig without a source.

    I would suggest asking your source what other figs they have that might be this one. If they are an organized hobbyist without too many varieties, you may get lucky. If not, you will never know the type but might have some good guesses.

    Many can offer suggestions of what it looks like, what it might be, or what it might be similar too. I'll leave others to the guessing! I'm not as familiar with a fig that looks like that.
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      I agree with Jamie and don't have a clue, but how did it taste?
      Tony; Pickens county, SC zone 7b

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        It is like cddn