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  • Help identifying unknown Sicilian fig

    An elderly neighbor has this large tree in his yard. Story is his grandfather brought it from Sicily to New Orleans when he immigrated many years ago. When my neighbor was a child, they moved to St. Rose, LA and brought cuttings there. When he moved to my area as an adult he brought cuttings with him. The ripe figs are smallish/medium, yellow with brown sugar spots, eye is not tightly closed but not huge either. I’ll add a few pics of leaves and fruit. Does this resemble a named variety?

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    South Louisiana - Wish List: CLBC, LSU varieties

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    IT could pass for KADOTA but leaves should be a little ruffer ,at best you are going to get some "LOOKS SORTA LIKE " S Preaty easy to tell what it is not ,imposible to tell exactly what it is !
    Zone 10a So. Calif. W.L. Super tasty new finds !