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  • Louisiana Figsters

    Brian M hope that beautiful orchard of yours escapes damage. Hope all of you there stay safe, and well prepared. GODSPEED EVERYONE
    Teresa Staunton Va Zone 6B

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    Thank you. Not looking good. Possibly worse the Gustva and Andrew….
    West Feliciana, Louisiana
    Zone 8b
    Working on planting 1 acre with Figs, Persimmon, Loquats, Jujube, Citrus and other fruits.


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      Please stay safe. I have a friend in New Orleans....she's already evacuated. Wishing for the best for you all.


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        Brian has an orchard in Louisiana??? He lives in Cali. For us in Louisiana its not looking good but we have been thru worst. Y'all be safe my friends!
        Louisiana Zone 8/9. W/L Whatever fig I don't have.


        • Figgerlickinggood
          Figgerlickinggood commented
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          goodfriendmike, your right. My mistake. It’s CajunB.

        • goodfriendmike
          goodfriendmike commented
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          Yeah He is in that area that gets pounded a lot. I wish him the best.

        • CajunB
          CajunB commented
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          Thanks for all of the best wishes,as of now we are in direct path.....I'm in Thibodaux LA