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  • To use Root Hormone or Not to, ‘that is the question

    Today I planted a large amount of cuttings using powdered rooting hormone.

    I first saturated the soil and it let drain. Next I applied rooting hormone and stuck the cuttings in 7-8 inches deep.

    I had a few thoughts as I was doing it:
    1. Do I even need the hormone?
    2. Should I have let the cutting absorb the hormone for a while before planting?
    3. Should I be using Clonex Gel instead of random brands?

    any comments welcomed and appreciated

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    I have relatively limited experience, so I'm sure others have more to share, but I've had better success with clonex over the powder, but I think the temperature had more influence on the rooting than the hormone did.
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      I like Hormodin rooting powder over Clonex Gel. I think if cuttings are in excellent condition and the growing environment is favorable then rooting products are not necessary.
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        I saw someone using that product in a post yesterday. Healthy roots

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      My very first cutting I literally cut from tree and placed it in some potting mix at my friends house. It's growing strong. Actually my most successful cutting.

      My next ones were 5 black missions used clonex. All but one survived and its growing slow. I will admit I may have scraped too much and the potting mix used I saw nematodes.

      Also tried a variety of caprifigs for rootstock - they all put out roots but never any green growth ( used clonex and instead of scraping I tried slicing)

      i have 5 dulce de leches going right now and 4 unknown commons going. Both sets I lightly scraped and used clonex. 3 of the dulce de leches have roots 1 actually further along than the others. Can't see anything from the unknowns.

      LONG story short... I dont think it matters... for me rooting hormone is for peace of mind but mind you maybe if you scrape too much and have a bad environment it doesn't help...sorry for the long post
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        Thanks for the info.