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  • Figo Preto, Black Maidera (KK), Cravens Craving Main 2021

    Another comparison of the three. All three are just stellar varieties and they are so, so similar. I def have some differences in growing habits with my trees - BM being my slowest and slightly latest. CC seems to consistently be the largest by a fair bit and also the most “different” of the three in look and taste as well - I get a noticeable black tea kinda flavor that I don’t in the others. BM seems to have a bit more dense, jammy texture than the others. And Preto tends to have more honey pooling. But again, these are so similar. I guess if I had to pick one I would probably say either Preto as it’s the most vigorous and consistent of my three (also cheapest to obtain), or CC for the size and that slight little extra something taste wise.

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    // Los Angeles (10b) //
    // Wish List - A real yard with space to grow //

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    The dynamic trio...
    Tony, Toronto Canada USDA was 4B now 5B
    Wishlist: Rigato Del Salento PB,
    San Biago.


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      Decisions, decisions. I'm jealous lol.
      Forest Hill, Texas: Zone 8a

      No wish list but open to trades and offers


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        I can't wait till my FP produces. I planted it on July 20, 2021.
        Guy A
        St Augustine Fl.
        Zone 9A.