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  • Desert King day

    Took my wife and children to the late grandparents' place. There was so much honey dripping from the figs on their old tree that I was scraping it from the leaves with my knife and giving it to my kids... My boy especially is a bottomless pit for figs and he ate and ate all day. We picked 40+ pounds (and barely scratched the surface) and for some reason this year we didn't really have to compete with wasps and birds much. We also got 5 pounds of blackberries!
    Click image for larger version

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    Desert Kings may not be a top-tier fig but they certainly gave us top-tier enjoyment, and there is a reason they are popular in the NorthWest!
    Seattle, WA (8a)

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    WOW! awesome when you can do it the family. Love it! Im sure the Desert Kings taste just fine, Who cares if it's top tier.
    Wishlist: col de dame Rimada, LSU Strawberry, Bass's Verdone, Moro di Caneva, VERDOLINO, zaffiro. Figoin


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      I think the DK brebas are pretty close to top-tier. Slightly bland tasting sometimes, but so jammy and sweet!
      Sebastopol, California. Zone 9a
      The best time to plant a fig tree was 80 years ago. The second best time was 50 years ago. Oh well.


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        That's awesome!
        Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

        Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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          Nice! Would love to try a Desert King breba some day.
          Steve - Clarksburg, MD zone 7a


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            that tree looks amazing. I have to get some more in ground
            bergen county NJ 6b
            Wish list: oh lets face it Ill take any variety I dont have!!


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              Those look awesome!!
              In my opinion, PNW DK figs are top tier when ripe like that.
              The figs in those photos look great!
              Round Rock, TX 8b
              WL: Delicious figs


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                Love the size of the tree. How old is it?
                Teresa Staunton Va Zone 6B


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                  omg ..... WOW !!
                  Toronto, Canada USDA Zone 5. Wish List: Azores Dark, Malta Black, Sucrette, LSU Hollier and Violet Sepor. I'm always interested in trading cuttings if your in the Southern Ontario area. Thank You!


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                    Nice moments in time. I was thinking this fig I found was a Desert King. Not anymore after seeing your pictures.
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                    Anthony- Fig Finder of Los Angeles



                    • FigFiend
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                      He's in the Pacific northwest so his are brebas. Since your in California those could be DK main crop. Check out the pics from my post on DK main crop they do look similar.

                      And IMO DK main crop is top tier and one of my favorite figs to eat right now.

                    • Figology
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                      Indeed they do. Ty