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  • Winter watering Zone 6b Garage

    Wanted to know the schedule people use to water their dormant figs. I have had the habit of not doing anything with them for the entire winter untill bud break and then start watering.
    I am curious what schedule other people use in the same zone for Garage kept figs

    1 a month, 1 a week, based on dirt feel?

    Im trying to keep it siimple or else I will definitely not be able to keep up
    bergen county NJ 6b
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    It would help to know the size of pots you have.

    For my 6 gallon pots I usually stat in January to give them a drink of water. When I start depends on how water logged the pots were when I put them in the garage. Once started I will water once a month.

    For small pots like 1 or 2 gallon size which get stored in my basement cold room they get checked/watered every 2 weeks. The small pots dry out faster and its warmer in my cold room.
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      I would say it depends on a lot of factors. How wet they are going in, soil mix, RH, pot size, container type, air temp, etc... I go by look and feel
      Travis - Zone 5a, Central WI
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        I water when they go in, around mid to late November, late January, and when they break bud sometimes late March to early April. They are stored in an insulated shed with an oil fill heater plugged into a thermo cube. On at 35* off at 45*. My tree are in pots ranging from two to twenty gal, most being in the 5 to fifteen range. As Tinyfish mentioned one or two gal pots should be watered more frequently. I should mention with over 100 trees, last year I had one fail to survive.
        Dave- Waterford, Ct. Zone 6a


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          thanks guys. is there a way to book mark threads for easy recall?
          bergen county NJ 6b
          Wish list: oh lets face it Ill take any variety I dont have!!