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  • RDB splitting issues 7A Long Island

    RDB is the worst splitter among my few varieties(LDA, VdB, HC, takoma violet, YLN, improved Celeste, smith, i258) . Does it get better as it matures?
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    Zone 7A, Long Island NY

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    I don't have RdB, but are your other figs also ripening right now and not splitting? I ask because I'm close to you and we've had tons of rain lately following the tropical storm last week. It caused even my Celestes to split. It may have to do more with poor environmental conditions rather than the variety.
    NYC Zone 7b & Central NJ 7a


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      My potted RdBs split quite a bit. The in ground trees somewhat less so. Splitting is especially problematic for RdB because it has to be very very ripe to have much for flavor IMO, so can’t pick early to save it from rain.

      RdB is a keeper overall, but has sort of dropped out of the must-have-multiples level IMO because of the splitting and the longer hang time, and good (but not amazing) taste. I’m probably getting rid of the potted plants.

      In fairness this has been a very wet summer for most in the Northeast, so that’s another factor to consider


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        My last 2 RdB's split as well....bummer.

        I feel your pain.
        Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

        Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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          I don't have trouble with RdB splitting except in volatile weather with high humidity. I think it's essential to keep water stable. Splitting seems worse when hot dry conditions (rapid water loss by transpiration) transition to humid and/or cool (minimal water loss).

          For potted trees, I'd say don't ever let the mix get dry.

          FWIW I know that wet roots (due to rainfall) cannot b the whole story because I probably add the equivalent of 2" of rain most summer days. Kerry has great success with his greenhouse tree (hot and humid) and he fills the 2-3 gallon sip reservoir twice a day, as I recall.

          I have to say that if you don't find the taste amazing, something else is wrong. Try leaving it on the kitchen counter for a day before eating.
          Joe, Z6B, RI.


          • MASS FIGS
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            I would say the weather a is fairly volatile this Summer at least for figs. Looks like we may get like 3 inches of rain on Thursday…I had fewer issues last summer when we were in drought.

            I just went out to my in ground trees and the eyes are tight, so could very well be my mediocre watering habits/time availability for the potted plants causing some splitting. The other point there though is that my mediocre watering habits occur with most/all of them but they aren’t splitting quite as much as RdB.

            I do think RdB can taste quite good and has other desirable characteristics and that is why I have had 4 trees and 2 of which have coveted in ground spots. However, I’d much rather use the greenhouse space and potted tree work effort for the varieties that are later but are at a different level of taste on my palate
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          • jrdewhirst
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            I agree that the best use of a greenhouse is to head start great figs that wouldn't ripen well otherwise. Of course, it could also give you really early ripening on the early varieties. IMO, Kerry illustrates the best of both worlds with Adriatic JH and RdB both in the greenhouse he uses. So he gets RdB in June and AJH in July.

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          MASS FIGS , I'm not a fan of the long hang time either. Improved celeste, takoma violet, chicago hardy have much shorter hang time. If you don't have these.

          jrdewhirst, when ripenned properly, the taste is great, similar to vdb with more seed crunch.

          CaricaChris, my improved celeste doesn't split at all. My Bonavistas are finally swelling!!

          Zone 7A, Long Island NY


          • CaricaChris
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            Awesome! Let me know how you like the Bonavita

          • MASS FIGS
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            Improved Celeste is tough to split. Usually takes hurricane like conditions seems like. Thanks for the recommendations, but I want to reduce the collection by about 10-15 15 gallon trees already!

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          The rain has been horrible in our area. Suprisingly my RDB did not split,,, at least not yet. With remnants of ida headed our way I am sure they are all going to split and we will have watered down figs to eat instead of what we have been babying them for.
          bergen county NJ 6b
          Wish list: oh lets face it Ill take any variety I dont have!!