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  • Vasilika Sika - Vasile's strain : 2021 season report

    I haven't seen much info on this variety and I was surprised considering it has one super quality.

    Decent flavor, pretty early in the season as the picture here is the last fig from my tree for this year.

    Most importantly, chewy rubbery skin that meant none of the figs split and they went to periods of real hot weather but also multiple storms and 4 day long rains.

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    Looks great. Is Vasile’s the rounded leaf or is that BC’s?
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    • swethakyadav
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      It is the round leaf

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    Vasilika Sika (Belleclare) is a Dalmatie type like Stella but Vasilika Sika Round Leaf (VS e.g. from Vasile S.) is an Adriatic type like Adriatic JH, Sister Madeline’s Green Greek, White Madeira, Strawberry Verte, etc . Dalmatie types should have the long fingered leaves.

    Any one variety from each type should be good enough. They are much more similar than they are different. For my individual trees, SMGG seemed slightly later than AJH, VSRL slightly larger, Strawberry Verte slightly smaller. All the same flavor.
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    • swethakyadav
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      Agree. With all the good qualities of VSVS, I am thinking if I really need it. There is a local unk called DFW Kelley green which may be better than VSVS and grows unprotected in my zone

    • jrdewhirst
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      I agree that it is a very good fig EXCEPT that, like the Adriatics generally, it is late to ripen here. Too late to reliable produce a decent crop. Reluctantly, I culled it.