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  • Fygmalion
    Great pics plus info. Great site... Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing!


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  • Altadena Mara
    Thank you, Jerry. The piece about how the fig is not only an important national heritage but also part of one's personal identity as an extension of that heritage is especially touching. With help from Google Translate, I think it would read like this?

    “Many old varieties of fig trees in our countries have disappeared or are about to do so. The fig tree is the last to die in the vineyards and wasteland. Often re-sprouting from its trunk to remind us that one day it gave shade and fruit to men and cattle. What was its name? Who could tell us their story? With globalization and the chaos of our farmers, we do not know anything anymore.
    It is necessary to preserve the diversity of fig trees, a symbol of the Mediterranean, making it also necessary to preserve our identities.
    The fig trees and its fruits have enriched our Catalan language and culture as much as any other tree has done.
    It is amazing to see how parts of the list of fig DCVB, (Catalan, Valencian, Balearic), have survived over the centuries and still kept their names, which is confirmed through identification by ADN. Put a fig tree in your life!”
    A small piece written by Joan Pellicer evocative of my childhood. (Google translated)

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  • hammerwood
    Thank you Jerry,

    Bookmarked it for future reference.

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  • jmaler
    started a topic Just Some Beautiful Fig Photos

    Just Some Beautiful Fig Photos

    Mouth watering!