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  • Fygmalion
    Looks very nice.... Seems that the Wasp doubles the size of the practical fig universe for those members lucky enough to have it resident...


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  • Altadena Mara
    started a topic Marabot (RR) (Smr)

    Marabot (RR) (Smr)

    Marrabout (Marabot) (RR) (Smr) (Sorry about the mis-spelling. I wish we could edit our titles.)
    I’ve been waiting several days for this fig to droop while it has been dripping from its eye into its organza bag. I should have picked it earlier. It’s over ripe, and the natural sugar has turned to alcohol and even soured a bit. Enough of the alcohol is left to give me a little morning buzz. This must have been one sweet sugar fig a day or two ago.
    The tree produced a number of little green figs in the spring, then they all fell off. We have the wasp here so fertilization wasn’t the issue. I was surprised to find one fig remaining and ripening, hiding under a leaf. Next year I’ll know to pick it earlier.
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