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  • Project Greenhouse

    Well the first 2 painful items.
    The tree removal will be over 4K. I have a big Ash tree ideally situated to someday fall on my proposed greenhouse so out it goes. Next the most dead black Walnut comes down. Black Walnuts tend to be messy and often create problems for other plants around them. A few little things that are in the build area. Right now it's about 30 X 40 area so greenhouse will fit. There are a few trees that are not part of the project but should go while the crew is here. Another tree right next to the house that is leaning and forked so that it can take out my house and the neighbors in one blow. Another Ash that is 1/2 dead.

    The gas company sent the wrong team out to evaluate the job. The guys had no idea how to quote the job other than it's going to be expensive. I think the major issue is getting the line over the sewer right away and the stream. I'm still hoping the engineers will be able to put it under the bridge.
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    Hopefully that is $4K for all the trees. Prices are expensive where I live, and it is no unheard of to get a $2K quote to take down one big oak tree.
    Where I grew up there was a big house on "the other side" of a lake and stream. They had a little bridge to bring their driveway over the stream...the "little bridge" was big enough that you could go hang out under it and catch fish by hand. Anyway, their utilities came up their driveway underground. When it came to the stream, they just ran everything through a 3 or 4" diameter pipe right next to the bridge a couple of feet above the water level. We used to stand on the pipe to cross the stream without getting our feet wet.
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      4K was for all the trees and root grinding down some of the stumps in the actual yard. Some of the trees were quite big so I feel the price was reasonable. They accidental took down part of my fence but are going to repair it. Maybe they can do the same with my bridge.
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        I built the first greenhouse last fall which was 16'x30' and with much help from Hershell it went up with little problems......well I did have to take all the bows off after getting them all installed but other than that 6 hour oops things went fine.....of yeah and the impact driver slipping out of my hand and smacking me in the head as it went around which knocked me out of my tractor bucket lol.

        I started on my new greenhouse yesterday, a 23'x48'. Been delayed by permitting issues then a duck decided the perfect spot for her nest would be the jungle of 1 and 3 gallon pots that needed moved from the edge of where the greenhouse was going. I decided to wait for her to finish and Thursday.......

        Click image for larger version

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        So I put in the batter boards yesterday and started squaring the building and should be able to start digging and setting the steel posts today.
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          Awww. They are too cute. I can't wait for things to get rolling. I wish Hershell lived by me.
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