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  • Tale of two cuttings.


    Here are 2 fig cuttings

    The first is one (Yellow Lebanese Beeka) I let go way to long in the cloner. I would rather have shorter roots for potting but this one got away from me.
    The cat decided the to help as a size comparison. Yes it was a pain to pot up.

    Next the coir because you can never try to many different rooting methods. They all seem to works but it's fun to play. This one is a little weird.

    As you can see it is nothing but roots. Not sure what to do with this. I'm thinking stick it in the pot sideways or on a slant.

    NC Zone 7a-b

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    I would pot it sideways with a node straight up or with one node on each side pointed straight out. Looks pretty cool. I did an ugly cutting like that and a shoot found it's way out and looks fine.
    Eatonton, GA zone 7b/8a


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      Can you cut the second one in half?
      Arne - Northern NJ - Zone 6A


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        They look great, Sharon. I am a fan of coco coir.
        Frank ~ zone 7a VA


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          Was the cloner a mist (fogger) or spray model?
          Bob C.
          Kansas City, MO Z6


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            They look awesome, the root on number one are fantastic!!

            I second Bob's question.
            Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

            “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison


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              Other than being a pain to pot up due to the length, how were the roots on the first cutting? Were they nice and strong or somewhat brittle.
              I'm collecting anecdotal observations that the roots that grow in the cloning chambers are actually quite strong...so when it comes to planting the cuttings with long roots, they're rather forgiving.
              Jim -- Central NJ, Zone 6b


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                The cloner uses a fogger. The roots were quite nice and coiled well although I used a bigger pot than normal. I figured it went to all the trouble of growing them I should try and keep them. The roots from variety to variety are very different.
                NC Zone 7a-b