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  • Anyone in Pacific Nortwest Taken their trees out ??

    I have not and I have not checked on them either. I plan to check them out within this week and
    take cuttings for friends I promised. I normally do not take my trees out from my unheated garage
    till mid May. This way, I get to sample more brebas. Main crop has not been my priority as during
    main crop ripening time frame I am too busy doing another hobby -- fishing plus I have an awful
    issue with fruit flies. These fruit flies target my italian prune plums as I get a bountiful crop. The
    rotting ripe plums attracts thousands of these flies.

    Figs in my unheated green house are beginning to show off new buds. I have taken 4 green house
    panels off so that they do not leafed out too fast. I have over 50 trees packed in my 8x12 ft GH.

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    Hi, I put a few in green house, that I heat only over night. It is hard to control the heat during the day, it is like +14 degree cels and 10 min later +28 deg cels. I think I will regret puling them out in green house that soon, but it is too late now. Paully22 the fig tree in your garage , when do they break dormancy ?


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      I have not check my unattached garage for about a month. I believe some will have bud movement.
      The garage is packed with dormant trees and my boat. No room to walk about unless I move pots
      out of my way. Like wise in my green house -- packed. I would check the garage this week.


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        i had most in my shop and put most outside last monday.