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  • Kathleen’s black lives another year in my garden

    Left this pot out in the weather all winter and decided to let fate decide. The thing not only survived but is having its best year ever. It’s pumping out really decent figs. Never have I gotten more than 5 figs from it. I think this is about the 20th and very average for it. I have about that many more. 7 year old tree. Will need to be root pruned this year and I will decide whether to work on it or not. I don’t have many black mission types so this is a little different than my others. Very sweet and rich caramel flavor for me.
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    7 years. You've been very patient.


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      5 years, no figs. i pinched to get figs. 6th year, good amount of figs and it was getting better. mine was from gene. he said it was an amazing fig. i think this does take time to mature. no longer have it. let me knew if you are pruning soon or in spring, i'll pay for cutting and shipping.
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        will do.

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        I will give them to you.

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      I put a two year old Kathleen's Black in the ground last year. This year it only produced a few figs, not much growth, but the figs were twice the size of last year and better tasting. Many people say that a fig needs 3-5 years to see how it will ultimately produce, and in year 3 this one is doing nicely.
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        I’ve had mine for 7 years…first few years it was just ok. The tree grew like crazy and slowly got better every year. It’s in ground and now about 10 feet tall. It produces good sized fig and after 7 years I finally understand what the east coast guys mean by this fig being good. The inside had a sweet brown sugar figgie taste …but the skin is where all the flavor is at….it went from last place to being a solid 8/10….but who in the world has the patience to grow it for 7 years?!!?the only reason I kept it was that I grafted black Madeira, Socorro black, and smith to it. I think it’s one of the best overall rootstocks. Now it’s an amazing tree with my favorite figs grafted on it.
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          Yeah, I gave up on my mind after growing it in the ground for about 5 years and essentially no production. I've since learned that with in-ground trees some varieties take about that long (or longer) to start producing quality fruit.
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            It was my “trash tree” and every time I looked at it I would think “what a waste of time” why did everybody on the east coast say this fig was good? It’s a very very good black mission type fig…but honestly I wouldn’t recommend growing it unless you have the patience and space to grow it.