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  • 2021 Black Manzanita

    I've been eating ripe figs for three weeks, but they're finally getting really good, thanks to a heatwave that will last another few days. These are (clockwise from upper left) Black Manzanita, Black Manzanita, Green Unk (maybe Atreano?), and Violette de Bordeaux. The Black Manzanitas are chewy, stick and sweet, with tough skin. (No, the one is not spoiled though it appears that way.)

    Click image for larger version

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    Sebastopol, California. Zone 9a
    The best time to plant a fig tree was 80 years ago. The second best time was 50 years ago. Oh well.

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    These look incredible!!
    After several days of rain most of my figs have split..except for Black Manzanita.
    It’s looking like a great one for humid/ rainy climates.
    Piney Point Village, Zone 8b
    W/L-Martenica Rimada, White Madeira


    • 2AngelsMushrooms
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      I'm glad to hear this about B. Manz, but very sorry about your other figs. It's been like that here, too. It's not fun at all...

    • ZingsFigs
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      Good to hear that but sorry to hear about them being waterlogged

    • TNJed
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      That stinks Denise! Sorry to hear that, real bad timing for the rain when you have such nice varieties trying to finish πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

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    CJ in Memphis 7b/8a WL: Ibiza, La Bourgeoise, Ruby Rose, Figoin, Cherry Cordial, Damigella con Ramo, Corio Provence...any tasty Common Cali seedlings!


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      Beautiful. Yet another for the WL.


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        Beautiful, now i can't wait for the Black Manzanita!


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          Nice looking...so BM no splitting, huh...πŸ€”

          Tony; Pickens county, SC zone 7b
          WL: Dr Clark heirloom, GM Maltese varieties, Nordland
          Care for the Earth...there's no place like home


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            I had a few BMZ ripen at the end of August:

            Click image for larger version

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            My potted figs didn't grow much this summer (I goofed on the potting mix) so many of the figs I did get from the trees I up-potted this spring didn't have much flavor. BMZ still had a nice figgy flavor though, and colored up nicely!

            Zone 10a San Diego | Wishlist: Boysenberry blush, Raspberry Tart, NSDC, Angelito, Bass Favorite, a caprifig that puts out wasps late in the season (Roeding #3? Milco?)


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              From what I've seen BMZ is one of the best of the CA seedlings that I've tried so far and much better than many. That's unpollinated.
              Alpine, Texas 4500ft elevation Zone 7


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                My three big trees are finally starting to pump them out. I ate a few more good ones today. This one was quite tasty -- great texture and good fruit flavor. Not as tannic/figgy as this variety sometimes is.

                I know -- I really should wash my hands before I eat, but I couldn't wait.
                Click image for larger version

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                Sebastopol, California. Zone 9a
                The best time to plant a fig tree was 80 years ago. The second best time was 50 years ago. Oh well.


                • Bellefleurs
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                  Thank you for finding/ introducing this one.
                  It’s an excellent fig already and this is my first year fruiting this one.
                  Sweet and no splitting despite the fact that nearly everything else has split.

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                Beautiful figs! It is a great find! My tree is growing like crazy but not putting out figlets... hopefully a good crop next year!
                AKA Scubasam
                Arroyo Grande / Central Coast of California, 10a/b, AHS 1


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                  Black Manzanita is one of the best seedling finds I’ve sampled this year. So far, it beat Thermalito, Exquisito and Meteorito. It is right up there with Burgan Unk although theses two figs are completely different in terms of flavor profiles.

                  My tree was started from cuttings sent to me by Alastair and they were grown outside where they may or may not have been pollinated by the fig wasp. I don’t believe I have the wasp but I know there is a Capri fig tree with wasps in it that is maybe 5 miles away.

                  I did get some fruit set on my Meteorito but the fruit were small and not that spectacular so maybe there are a few wasps in my area but I’ve also heard rumors that Meteorito can maybe produce fruit without the wasp.

                  anyways, the fruit were much larger than I was expecting. My first two fruit were 53.9 and 44.7g.
                  The Brix was also much higher than I was expecting at 34.3, 32.0 and 31.6%.

                  The fruit has a dark purple/black skin color and the skin gets beautiful vertical and horizontal skin cracks as the fruit ripens. This fruit is truly picturesque and I’m sure it deserves a picture if not a page in one of Monserrat Pons books.

                  Although my tree is grown in a pot and I get lots of splitting on many of my figs, this variety has not split on me. This variety has a small eye and the interior flesh color is dark red to purplish black. The color deepens as it gets closer to full ripeness.

                  I harvested a few of these fruit early to determine fruit quality and interior flesh color. Premature fruit had light pink to red coloration with no evidence of black or purple.

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                    More pictures
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                      Oh yeah, and the taste was fantastic. It had an excellent berry flavor that was very well balanced by the 30+% Brix. Although the Brix level is relatively high, the acidity in this fig made it taste like a moderately sweet fig instead of an outright sweet fig.

                      this fig has a Dark berry undertone that I have not tasted in any other fig. I compare it to the skin of blackberries with a hint of flavor you might pick up from the smell of a cork from a Cabernet Sauvignon.

                      I have tasted about 60 varieties of figs from my very young trees this year and several more varieties from generous friends from this forum and I am very impressed by this fig.

                      huge thanks to Alastair for exploring, finding and sharing this wonderful fig with the world. I’m sure many people will want to grow this variety as word gets out.



                      • Alastair
                        Alastair commented
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                        It's true that the very black-purple color only develops with super ripe figs.

                        The figs detach so easily when almost ripe that just squeezing them to test for ripeness can knock them off. So don't touch until you're sure you want that fig! Also, be sure to watch the ground below the tree. Many a BMZ fig has dropped to the grass just before perfect ripeness. Still worth eating.

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                      Sounds like a winner! Adding it to the list.
                      Alan. Los Angeles area. Zone 10b (Sunset zone 24).
                      Looking for: Angelito, Bass's Favorite Fig, Dolce Calderai, Izbat An Naj, Raspberry Tart.


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                        Atreano leaves to help with your id. Very consistent.

                        Click image for larger version

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                          This truly is a beautiful fig. After hearing about its ability to handle rain so well, it just moved to the top of my wishlist this year. Thank you to everyone who reported their experiences with it and to Alistair for introducing this amazing find!
                          Angel #1 at 2 Angels Mushrooms-Chattanooga, TN Zone 7-B
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                            Click image for larger version  Name:	Black Manzanita 2021 WOW .jpg Views:	0 Size:	658.9 KB ID:	1069331 This Black Manzanita is the best fig I've eaten recently. It hung for more than a week. Unlike most figs of the variety, this one had a very firm attachment and didn't want to let go. It turned to jelly inside and was absolutely fantastic - sweet and slightly acidic strawberry jam flavor, with a little of the dark tannin flavor. Chewy and sticky around the edges.
                            Sebastopol, California. Zone 9a
                            The best time to plant a fig tree was 80 years ago. The second best time was 50 years ago. Oh well.