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  • Aubique Petite - A Quality Variant

    I personally think it is an excellent variant in taste and productivity. Ripe fig has nice colors. It is some what dwaf here
    and ripens a little late But green house help sure makes this variant I want as a keeper. I grew it because of Vasile's
    feedbacks at f4f. Hope others can chime in on how this variant does for them.

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    Am rooting Aubique Petite currently. Surprised at its leaves, the most unique leaves in rooting, long fingered and sharply serrated, like an older Paradiso Genovo. Curious about the future fruit.
    Tony WV 6b


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      I purchased a Petite Negri from a reputable source. When I posted a pic of it a year or so ago, Vasile said it was an Aubique Petite judging from the leaves. It's not fruited yet, and is somewhat on the dwarfish side. Either way I'm happy.
      SoCal, zone 10.
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      • MichaelTucson
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        Gina, is that the same tree that you posted about back in July 2012 on F4F? Or did you get another one more recently? (Yes, I too was surprised to find that it was 2 and a half years ago... seems like just last year to me too!).
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      It's one of my favorites. Consistently in the top 5 varieties here. I've gotten lots of great figs from my Aubique Petite tree. I posted a bit of info in the Varieties pages about it, here:
      The strange leaf morphology and the related growth habit, are pretty interesting. I mean, yes it's true there are lots of fig varieties that exhibit multiple leaf forms, some varying more frequently than others. Not just in immature leaves, but mature leaves on mature trees. But this one does all of that, and also seems (at least here) to have the habit that the leaf morphology varies widely from limb to limb, but is consistent on each limb. It's very strange looking... almost enough to make you think the limbs are grafts of different varieties. (But they're not). (See the photos in the varieties page link, above).

      I have a bunch more photos of it, and will probably post some of them in the varieties pages when I get a chance.

      There was an interesting thread back on F4F (Gina and I were both active in that, along with a bunch of others), here:
      (It started out about Petite Negri, but branched into Aubique Petite and a few others). And just for the record, I find those two varieties quite different in taste, and I like both. But of the two, I like the flavor of Aubique Petite better, at least most years. :-)

      Definitely a favorite for me.
      Mike -- central NY state, zone 5a -- pauca sed matura


      • paully22
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        In taste preference I like Aubique Petite more over Negronne.

      • JD
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        I am on the Aubique Petite bandwagon as well. It is an excellent variety.