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  • Long stems

    What is the longest stem on a fig?

    I have an unknown green/yellow fig with a pink center from Calabria that throws out some long stems from time to time. Usually the average stem is about an inch or so but occasionally there's a stem that is long and rarer still there's one that's exceptionally long. In the pictures are the average stems and the long stems but I've had some that were twice as long as the ones shown. I have no pictures of the ones with the freaky long long stems. I've given cuttings to some local people and a few members from f4f but never heard any comments about the long stems.
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    It would be interesting, Tony, if you found that you could isolate the nodes or branches that appear to produce these super long stems with regularity and then using selective propagation techniques produce plants that typically exhibit this trait in their fruit; in a similar fashion to the process used to isolate variegated leaf production to produce plants that almost exclusively display this characteristic. That of course assuming that super long stems or necks would be a desirable characteristic to try and accentuate..
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      For me it seems to vary year to year. This year all my figs have very short stems and most of them have a very tough skin.
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