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  • First Letizia Fig - Great For Beginners and Experienced Growers

    This tree had a breba crop, but I removed them to allow the tre to grow and it did. Here is the first of 18 figs on this 2 YO tree. I gave this tree to my GrandSon, technically it is his first fig, but he is only 4YO and his father takes care of the tree.

    Also, was very sweet and tasty, they saved 1/4 for me.

    Lots of other figs are nearing the ripening stage. Son and GrandSon are very happy with their first fig, from their first fig tree.

    Letizia is a great beginners tree.
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    Wish List: 🙏🏼 Mavra Sika

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    Thanks for sharing the photos and info...
    How does it compare to Hardy Chicago? Thanks.
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      Pete, IDK I dont have any of those listed as look alikes. As it stands alone. Good fig, very nice & sweet taste.

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    I can't tell my Letiza apart from HC or Sal's (Gene) or the other Mt Etna's yet - fruit or leaf. Mine produced its first figs this year, will give it a few years to compare.
    SW PA zone 6a


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      I enjoyed quite a few Letizia figs this season before the critter invasion. A very good fig.

      I hope someday to have so many figs that the critters can't wipe me out every night.
      Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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        So this variety is just another mount Etna type? Hope it’s a keeper if not it’ll be a gift.