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  • Improved Celeste cutting request

    I am looking for 1-2 cuttings of the Improved Celeste (not O'Rourke). This variety was one that I obtained over the winter that was on my wish list along with several others that do well in the NE. Unfortunately, my 2 cuttings of this variety both budded out quickly without roots and never made it. I know it is a little late in the cutting season, but if anyone has some they are willing to sell or trade, let me know by PM

    If none are available, I know that JF&E has it listed. Although there seems to be confusion over the name, that nursery also carries O'Rourke so I assume theirs is the real IC.

    Hopefully this request does not seem offensive - I feel a little odd making it but see no other way to get this variety via cutting this season. Thanks for looking!
    SW PA zone 6a

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    Ed, your post is not offensive at all. Just wish I had IC to send to you.
    newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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      Hi Ed
      I also purchased some Improved Celeste cuttings this winter and am having a hard time with them.
      Not an easy rooter I have found
      Good Luck


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        I, too, have found them to be difficult to root. I'm on my second batch. They all shoot out leaves and burn out. Good luck, Ed. If I succeed in rooting an extra I'll get in touch.
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          If you don't ask, how are you going to get them?

          I have the JF&E LSU Improved Celeste, I'll take a pic of the leaf to post (assuming I remember... it's going to be a busy day shortly). Once I get the pic loaded, you can compare and see if it is the correct cultivar.
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            Bass started a thread called "an under rated variety" that started out about Verte and Celeste that contained some info on LSU Improved Celeste. I have one from JF&E and posted some of my pictures of it and my opinion of it's genuineness. I can't take any cuttings of it, but I could airlayer one this spring. JF&E still has them in stock. My tree came about 4' tall and in a 3 gallon pot. They do ship nice trees.
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              Petals from the Past sells an "O'Rourke" that was actually a very good improved Celeste Hybrid, http://petalsfromthepast.com/catalog...-o-rourke.html that I purchased in 2012. You could ask them if its from the same mother tree, you won't be disappointed. My tree was sadly killed last winter.
              Click image for larger version

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              Petals also had an association with LSU in the past. Their Champagne and LSU Purple are correct, but their "Tiger" was the actual O'Rourke. Good Luck.
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              Ed i may have an extra Improved Celeste tree. At this point the trees are still packed like sardines in the garage, so I can't be sure of what's exactly in there. If it's there then it's yours. Snow tomorrow but then it will be warming up and with luck it will stay warm.
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                Thanks all for the replies and PMs. Looks like I should have cuttings or a plant available, and thanks for the suggestions of JF&E and PFTP as sources.
                SW PA zone 6a