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  • 2 y.o. ID: manatees and figs

    Kind of OT, but I thought I'd share a cute moment with my 2 y.o. This picture of a manatee book is on the back cover of a book he likes. Every time he sees it, he insists it is a "manatee eating fig." I tried to explain that figs don't grow underwater, but he just rebukes me with "no, it's fig!"

    Despite the incorrect plant ID, I take it as a good sign for his gardening future.
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    Ha,ha,ha Too cute. Just a quick F.Y.I in south America, Pacu's (Large Freshwater fish) will typically hang out under fig trees that overhang creeks and eat the fruit that drops into the water.


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      My tilapia go nuts over figs, the more overripe the better.

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    Does look like a fig, sort of. Manatees are cool until you are in 6' of water snorkeling for scallops and one comes up behind you. When you are in the ocean swimming you don't want to look over your shoulder and see a HUGE gray object........
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      Yummy fish already flavored with figs.