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  • Chestnuthill Tree Farm

    After looking up fig trees I bought at the "cheap" Nursery on my cellphone I realized they must have purchased their trees from Chestnut Hill Tree Farm. The "cheap" nursery only carried the particular varieties Chestnut Hill Tree Farm listed on their website. So has anyone purchased from them before and if so were you happy with your purchase. Were the trees labeled correctly etc... Thanks

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    I have purchase chestnuts from them and their product was first rate. Their Dunstan is simply kick ass in terms of producing quality and quantity of nuts. I know that isn't the fruit info you were looking for but hopefully by extension, they are also good with their fig authenticity...
    Tony - Zone 6A
    WL- Good Health, a 60 lb Striped Bass, a Boone and Crockett Typical Buck, bushels of ripe Black Madeira figs, bushels of ripe Hachiya and other tasty Diospyros Kaki Persimmons


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      Thank you for taking the time to reply, I'm just hoping the fig trees from them are not a fluke and a serious endeavor on their part.

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      Fluke? kingoceanos .... Was that a joke...? hahaha

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    Have heard nothing but good things about Chestnut Hill.
    Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


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      Thank you, I will assume it's all good then.


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        I went to this nursery in fall of 2015 to buy the Royal Vineyard cultivar. Chestnut harvest was in full swing and I got to watch a couple of women work the machine that dehusks the nuts.

        They stock most of the figs listed on their website, but the Royal Vineyard and a few others are propagated by a worker at her house, can't remember her name. They are not as passionate about figs as you would hope, but have working orchards for most everything else.
        Western Orange County, FL