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  • Petit Negra brebas?

    My potted Petit Negra(RT) is coming out of dormancy and is looking like there will be a large breba crop.
    Last year was a poor year for this tree, it was the last to come out of dormancy, I had up-potted from 10ish gallon to 20ish gallon before bud-break. It didn't put on as much growth as I expected and ripened few figs none of which were great like previous years. It is my oldest tree, I think this should be it's 5th year. So far things are looking great for this year with fat swollen buds early and as I mentioned..tons of breba. I'm a bit torn, I like early figs but I wonder if I would be better off removeing them so the tree can put on more growth to sort-of make up for last year.
    What is the general consenus for those of you who have been growing this variety for some time? Do you leave the brebas or remove them?
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    Perhaps somewhere in the middle. Reduce the load on the tree a bit leaving energy to grow while also getting to enjoy some of the breba crop.
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