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  • What is the growing cycle for fig trees in the deep south?

    I have figs that are in various stages of growth. Some are shedding their leaves preparing for fall and winter. Others joyously putting out fig fruit. And some are shedding old leaves and putting on new ones. My striped figs from the same acquistion period are all growing differently. Some fruiting some resting and some growing like Topsy. I really don't know what to expect this year. Just happy to see a few figs getting ripe. It is possible that I won't have true dormancy here. None of these figs are in the ground. I now have cuttings that have sat all year like sticks putting out roots and leaves in the cutting box. Should I keep fertilizing and watering schedule the same. Any help appreciated

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    I am in Tampa, Florida and this is prime growing time for my figs. Most of my figs have shed their rusty summer leaves and are putting on a new flush of growth. Most of my figs will grow all the way up to January, and then they go dormant, but some never enter dormancy. As long as the figs look like they want to grow, I say to continue pushing a light dose of fertilizer.


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      Here growth is good until we get a few cold snaps then they slow down. As Mike said, generally January. I'm about 60 miles north of you so we always get at least some cold. It is all temperature dependent as in the GH most never go dormant but do slow down somewhat.
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        Ok thanks guys My rusty brown leaves also dropping and healthy new coming out.