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  • Fox urine granules

    Has anyone had any luck using fox urine granules to chase away small critters. I have a fig loving skunk having his way my figs as they ripen. I really don't think trapping is an option. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
    Dave- Waterford, Ct. Zone 6a

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    If you're willing to relocate it, skunks are relatively easy to trap. I've trapped two so far by accident in my attempts to rid myself of a groundhog. Approach slowly with a sheet in front of you and toss it over the cage. The skunk will go to sleep and you can relocate it after that. With the sheet still on the cage, open the door and prop it open. The skunk will leave as soon as it feels safe to do so.
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      I don't think a skunk will be affected by fox urine. I agree that live trapping is your best option.
      Jennings, Southwest Louisiana, Zone 9a


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        A trap. Or a gun, a shovel, and a gas mask......
        North East, OK - zone 7a/6b
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