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  • Quest online equal 54. Hey you Lurker I'm talking about you TOO!

    OK all you guest let's see you join up.

    We need everyone to make this community even better.

    We already have the worlds greatest blueberry forum OK well It's the ONLY blueberry forum and the Worlds best. Our collective fig knowledge is second to none. IMHO!

    I know all of you have unanswered questions and this is the time to ask them so just join up and fire away. No one will judge you for the most basic question. We all had it at some time and we love to spread the knowledge so the fig and blueberry community will continue to grow.

    Hey there is no FEE or DUEs so what are you waiting on?

    Darkman AKA Charles in Pensacola South of I-10 zone 8b/9a

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    It is amazing how many guests are online at any given time. They will join when they are ready. I lurked for 2 months before joining my first fig forum.

    But you are right, now is the time! Spring is (almost?) here... depending on where you live.... Time to start cuttings, up pot, root prune, graft, and get excited about the mouthwatering figs we will soon be enjoying!
    Zone 7A - Newark, DE; Zone 8A - Wilmington, NC;


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      Most of the 'guests' are not real people. They are bots and internet thingies that crawl all over forums and sites to allow for successful searches.
      SoCal, zone 10.
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        Bots!!! I feel Violated!
        Darkman AKA Charles in Pensacola South of I-10 zone 8b/9a


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          About 75% of the guests are bots but those other 25% you are right....sign up.


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            Always assumed Guests are mostly members not signed in. I normally don't login unless posting. when I logged in the count of guests went -1 members +1.
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            Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,