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  • Parafilm discussion

    It feels like this is grafting season in my climate, maybe others. This is my thought about Parafilm vs. Polyethylene for wrapping Whip and Tongue grafts. This is my first year trying Parafilm for grafting. Parafilm seems to be growing in popularity. Today I did some apples and a plum, whip and tongue. In the past, I used polyethylene tape. All of my prior whip and tongue, using polyethylene tape, took. Just apples and pears and asian pears, nothing exotic. I don’t know how I feel about...


    I try to cover the entire scion with a wax or paraffin before grafting when possible.
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    Thanks for sharing that link.
    I'm considering doing a few grafts this year using the polyethylene strips from Supermarket Produce bags. There are several videos on Youtube. The scions will be painted with pruning sealant.

    A long video looking in detail at three kinds of graft including a 'long' version of the saddle graft suitable for use when scion and stock are of widely dif...

    The cleft graft is an easy way of grafting of grafting thin scion wood on to a thicker branch or trunk
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      I really like the Buddy Tape brand of parafilm that was suggested on another board. I’ve tried wax (awful results) and regular parafilm (good results) working with grafting apple trees. But my favorite is Buddy Tape that I’ve just started to use the last few months with rooting fig cuttings. Each 3" segment stretches to around 8xs its length, covers the cutting or bud like a second skin, seals back on itself beautifully- even over the end of a scion, and still allows the emerging buds to push through. The makers claim Buddy Tape allows air to pass through so a cutting can “breath” but keeps moisture in so it doesn’t dehydrate. A produce bag or regular sealant wouldn’t do that as well.
      Everyone has to find what works best for them. I have some expensive cuttings that I can’t afford to lose and am not a master gardener -just an enthusiastic amateur. It's nice to be at a stage in my life where I am able to get the right tools to do the best job possible for me and for my plants.

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        Something I learned at a recent MSU grafting clinic held at their Poplarville extension site.
        1. Remove any terminal buds (just to eager to bust open before a good nutrient path is established)
        2. Seal the top cut with Elmer's glue (use a glue stick) prevents moisture loss and pathogen ingress
        3. Parafilm came highly recommended but I found it easy to break

        I'd like to try Buddy Tape brand sounds like it might be a little more stretchy.

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