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  • International Shipping

    I've read some of the topics and sadly found that most of the offer for cuttings only for US domestic shipping. Is there any problem with international shipping? Hope to hear your comments regarding the matter. Thank you. ​​​

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    Sadly, it is illegal for us to ship or receive plant material internationally. A few people have a license to ship internationally yet it is very expensive and the shipments usually are not guaranteed.
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      No problem to ship from here. Where are you located?


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        I ship international and yes I guess it is technically not allowed by the US government but frankly I do not think they give a rats furry behind what plant material we ship OUT........now what we try to bring in? Yes that the federal government does care about. I simply tell the international people that when I ship and give them the tracking # I am done, and if it gets confiscated coming in to their country I am not responsible for that loss. It is a risk the buyer assumes. So far out of hundreds of packages sent all over the world none have been confiscated, a few cooked in transit but none confiscated.
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