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  • Figs used in Aryuveda medicine in India

    Does anyone read and understand Hindi? This article on the use of figs in Ayurveda medicine was in Hindi and published on the Wow Home Remedies website: http://wowhomeremedies.com/?p=869
    I tried to translate it with Google Translate but some of the phrases were impossible, especially their use with diabetes. Still it’s an interesting exploration of the use of figs for healing in India for diabetes, asthma, gas, “deadly” headache (with fig bark), breast cancer, urinary stones and building muscle strength. Perhaps you should consult with your doctor before trying any of them.

    “Fig trees are found growing mostly in mountainous areas. Figs have a very special place in Ayurveda. Figs are also known by the names Omar, boll, etc.. Potassium, vitamins, minerals and medicinal properties are found in figs. (Antiakseedent fig fruit. LA was able to cure illnesses rid fig fig Hakdaybitij?)

    Red-ripe figs are consumed with milk to get relief in diabetes:
    Figs are not eating and diabetes. FIG intake keeps the diabetes disease. (Antiakseedent the fig fruit comes in.?) (Figs grow on glucose in diabetes insulin works.?)

    Figs as asthma drugs:
    Eating figs every morning cures the breathlessness of asthma.

    Figs relieve the gas from constipation:
    Eat 1 fig 30 minutes before going to bed. Take 3-4 figs and put the water to boil. Eat figs crushed in the morning. It gets rid of constipation gas and keeps the digestive system in repair.

    Fig bark gives quick relief from deadly headache:
    Fig tree bark gives quick relief in fatal headache. Make a paste by grinding bark fine. Put on the forehead and head. Immediate relief.

    Fig gives muscle strength:
    Fig Hdidyan muscle strength is enabled. All children and older should have an intake of figs. Figs are infallible medicine and beneficial for everyone.

    To remove breast cancer, intake figs:
    The fig is a gift for women is as it is a natural medicine. Figs enable women to recover from breast cancer. Figs are also helpful in increasing the blood.

    Figs remove calculus stone.
    To remove stones, boil 3-4 figs every morning. Mash to make a slurry again. Eat them morning and evening daily. The urine stones will be excreted. Drink plenty of water. Do not eat tomatoes, spinach, or iron containing things."
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    That's cool. I find that they help my belly the best. What quantities are listed for treating asthma?
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    • Altadena Mara
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      Editing a comment
      Your guess is as good as mine. The article didn't seem to say what the quantity was but Google Translate doesn't translate Hindi very well.

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    OK. Thanks.


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      Connie was able to get this translation from her husband's co-worker. Thanks, Connie.

      "The article seems to be mainly about the ancient Ayurvedic slokas about the medicinal benefits of – FIG! (fruit, tree, bark, etc.)

      In summary, it says:

      “ How the fig does away with serious illnesses –
      The fig tree can be found in mountainous regions …(they are telling the Ayurvedists where to find the fig tree – finding was a big problem those days)
      The fig has a very special status in Ayurvedic science….
      Anchir, Amar, Gular, Fig … such are the names it goes by…
      Fig is rich in potassium, vitamins, other minerals, and has ingredients which have medicinal properties …
      Anchir (fig) is a fruit with antioxidant potential …
      It is thus how Anchir obtained the powers of healing many sicknesses …
      It is the ripe-to-redness fig which is useful for diabetes (meaning green fresh shoots and flowers may be used for other illnesses, this para focuses on diabetes)
      Also (it seems they are meaning) that the ripe red fig only in combination with milk, has treatment benefits for diabetes – whereas just eating it alone daily or frequently is a preventative measure for diabetes …
      (and they go on to mean that) Anchir (fig) when taken ripe red w/ milk has the effect of “doing part of the work of insulin …” .
      Anchir when taken at bedtime has a different function - (usually unless otherwise stated Ayurvedic meds are taken in the morning) – so night time ingestion helps to promote “full quiet calm breathing” – I think they imply sound sleep without snoring.
      The next paragraph is about GI benefits, esp constipation and bloating – and for this they say “one fig 30 minues before bedtime, eaten”, and 3 to 4 figs boiled in water, left overnight, kept aside. Early on rising in the morning, the boiled fruits are to be mashed by hand and consumed – “thus done it repairs the digestive system …” (so they say)
      The next paragraph is about the benefits of the bark of the Anchir tree (fig tree). When the bark is made into minute pieces and powdered and made into an ointment, it immediately relieves headaches... "
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        The Poona fig is the most popular variety of fig in India. Does anyone grow it? This article describes it as having two seasons with the best fruit being produced December through January. That might be a good variety to grow for those of us in mild climates or growing them in greenhouses.

        "Fig season occurs twice a year: The first session is from May-June. The fruits produced in these months are acidic and sub-par compared to the figs produced in the cooler season of December through January."

        Mara, Southern California,
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