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  • New Year's "Ripe" Figs

    All the remaining figs on my trees were pulled off today. Three weren’t that good but one wasn’t that bad for this time of year.
    Left: Red Israel (Red Palestine) – it had a slight acidity but no sweetness or complexity.
    Bottom: I-258: -bland tasting with a hint of sweetness. No acid taste.
    Right: Genovese Nero AF Rafed's Version -sight acidity and light sweetness.
    Top: Strawberry Verte (the red one): Jam! It had a nice level of sweetness which was not as sweet as earlier in the year but was sweeter than many of my figs last season. The acidity level was good also. It was the best fig on the plate. All the earlier crop of SV figs fell off the tree in a heat wave last summer.
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    Mara, Southern California,
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    Happy New Year Mara! Cut open the first and second of both the SV and GN look like entirely different figs. How old are those 2 trees?
    Conrad, SoCal zone 10
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    • Altadena Mara
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      Happy New Year Conrad. The SV is a three year old tree and the GN is a second year old tree. A number of my trees just keep putting out figs over time so the figs are at different levels of maturity. I decided to pull them all off today to encourage them to put their energy into their roots instead of growth. The recent rains should be good for below the soil growth here.

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    Mara I ended up deleting my earlier post in an attempt to get the pics up, and along with that went your response. This is the tree that dropped all its leaves in late July early Aug. It had a great tasty Breba crop but lost all its leaves so I pulled the figs off of it. Then in Oct it began to leaf out agin and produce figs. It is still putting out new growth. But because of the peeling bark, I do not think it has much time left. I hope to get some air layers from it in the spring. The tree is in a shady spot under a neighbors oak, so I'm curious how it would do in the sun.
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    • Altadena Mara
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      Altafarm, most of my trees are bare now with a few still with yellow leaves. Except Strawberry Verte, Soccoro Black, Vasilika sika (Belleclare), and Yellow Long. They are putting out green leaves and refuse to go dormant. Yellow Long even has new little figs emerging. Perhaps it’s due to micro-climates within my yard: 8’ near the warm house, brick walls, koi tank and patio stones, space between the road, driveway and sidewalk; structures that absorb and release the sun’s heat at night. Even the dormant figs have green tips and are threatening to sprout before I can prune.

      Thanks for re-posting the pictures. The cracks in the tree's bark don't look that bad. My oldest fig tree has worse bark damage from when my son built a tree house in it and it is still doing well. If it bothers you, have you tried a copper sulfate dormant spray on the tree?

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    I'll have to look up copper sulfate and dormant spray.
    Thank you