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  • Keeping cuttings

    So I'm rooting 44 diffrent varieties when you do this how many of each kind do you normally keep when you collect .

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    It depends how good they are, your weather conditions and the color of your thumb. It also depends what they could get you in trade and how much room you have.
    Bob C.
    Kansas City, MO Z6


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      I usually keep 1-2 to trial, then go from there. Ones I really like I'm adding more, ones I don't go byebye.
      SE PA
      Zone 6


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        I like to live dangerously, I keep one and trade or sell the rest. It has bitten me square in the rump a couple times though.
        Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


        • Kelby
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          Yeah, I'm still waiting on a plant from this slacker!