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  • The final stop for the pink pony question

    Just so I don't make the pink pony post even slower I will just ask this separately off the original post.

    Ross and I were talking/joking back and fourth a little and came up with a nice idea. Being Ross makes videos for almost everything πŸ˜‚ We were thinking that he would be the last one to receive the pony and book before it comes back home to me and he would read all the entries or narrate on a video and post it for all us to hear and see and then send her home.

    So my question to you all is

    1) are you okay with everyone hearing your entries?


    2) Ross has a YouTube channel also. Would you rather keep this video (if voted it's okay to make) strictly watchable on the forum only or he can post on his YouTube channel for the world to see?

    what you think?
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    Some people might care others might not.

    Some may not want to publicly say they don't want there entry read, and they should contact you by PM asking to be excluded if this goes forward.

    I for one am out, no interest at all.
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      I'm fine with either way. Whatever is decided, I need to be either the last or the one just before Ross if he is the last as I intend to give the book a good conditioning and buff up before it goes home.
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        I offer two suggestions similar to Scott:

        1. No video at all, this might alter what future recipients write down - that takes fun out of things
        2. If posted, mark the video as private, Don't make it a public video. If that was the plan, it should have been said before we started this journey.
        A. People can opt out of their portion being read.
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          No no this was just a thought Ross and I were talking about. It was not the original plan and actually with just the couple responses I have decided to keep it as it was originally planned. People write in it and when the time comes for it to return home it will come home with no video at all. Bryant will be the last to receive the book so he can do what he offered. If anyone will like to send to Ross please send whenever you feel.

          Decision made. No video

          Thank you for your responses and please do not be afraid to write anything in the book. It will be kept to us and us only. And will give me a wonderful book to read on my birthday !

          No no need for anymore post.
          Zone 5 Chicago IL Wish list:
          1) Rest peacfully Amico Bello Buddy πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ.
          2) This weeks ebay auctions.