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  • Root Pouch 1-gal Grow Bags

    Where I get them by bundles of 50... http://www.greenhousemegastore.com/p...uches-and-bags

    What are they good for? Starting cuttings with compost or any mix anyone would normally use for figs. Start right in the bag and set the whole bag into a bigger pot when up-sizing or plant them directly in the ground with no transplant shock, no growing delay. They are a mix of cotton and plastic fibers so they degrade pretty quick, at least the cotton parts do but they are strong enough so that if a cutting fails, they can be put up and used again next year. Roots grow right through them. Provides oxygen to the entire root zone. Good for kiddie pool or rain gutter grow systems.

    Disadvantages...They will dry out very quickly in warm, sunny weather if sitting out in the open. You can't see the roots (OMG! ) as you would in a clear container so you only know they are there if one pokes through or you see the plant is growing.

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    I like them as well but only if set in a shallow saucer so they'll fully rewet when watered. I let them dry until the saucer dries up. Then water so that some remains in the saucer.

    I washed the roots out of some recently for shipment. The root system is way superior to rootmaker pots or any hard sided pot.

    In addition they are pretty cheap. None have broken down prematurely. I'd use more except that one gallon plastic water bottles are free and they ship very well in 6x6 inch cartons. The proper shipping box for the pouches is 5x5 inch. I've used 5x5x36 but would also use 24-30 inch long boxes if I could find them.

    I've also grown in the same weight of 2 gallon pouches. These work very well to grow a large plant. But they're too big for easy shipment. They need 8x8 inch boxes and weigh around 10-11 lbs boxed up using my mix.
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      Thanks. I ordered a package to try them out. Cheaper than what I have been using for fiber pots. I am sure they will work better than the plastic grow bag that I have been using for a cheap solution.
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        I have been using root pouches for a few years now, and have yet to throw one out. Next year I will though. I don't use them as you guys are using them. I use the 10 to the 30 gallon root pouches for figs, brambles, currants, gooseberries, honeyberries etc. Yes, the root systems are impressive. As are the plants. I use the best quality ones they sell.
        I may start using these smaller ones for shipping.


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          Thank you for the post Charlie. I been wanting to try the rooting pouches. I got the seven gallon grey ones.
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            That's a good size for a year or two I reckon.