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  • Newbie questions about cuttings

    Hi everyone, it's my firts time with roting cuttings so i started them in long moss. Then switch to coco coir and started having succes.

    So here's the first question? Is this cutting ready to go in plastic cup or should a wait for more roots ?

    Second question : to they still need the heat i was think of putting it in my old fish tank with my tomato seedlings temperature is about 70 degrees?


    Vincent ice cold canada zone 5
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    Vincent Canada Québec zone5

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    Sometimes small roots like that aren't ready for potting soil. I'd let them mature a little bit more.
    Bob C.
    Kansas City, MO Z6


    • Vincent_15
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      Thanks Harborseal
      shall try to be patient and wait a bit longer to get more roots.

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    Hello, Vincent.... in ice cold Canada....

    Go to: "Plumeria.Care" Burlap Bag Rooting.... This photo montage shows how to root a Plumeria cutting, but I'll bet this would work for a fig cutting, also. It's neat, and almost foolproof....you just plug the whole root ball into a container, and, you're done!

    Good luck with your fig cuttings.

    Frank, in smelly NYC


    • Vincent_15
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      Thanks for the link Frank and now i'm just in cold Canada Heat finally started to find us

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    You could pot up the cuttings in a pre-moistened well aerated mix as soon as the actual roots are visible (1/4"), but a better method is http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...=1428168844601 , it simplifies (eliminates / incorporates) the "pre-rooting stage" into a single step direct plant method.

    You could use the Coco Coir (with some added Perlite) as the potting medium, but you will need to maintain the "rooting stages". Pre-rooting in moist mix with high ambient humidity without any additional water, while maintaining the temperatures above 70 deg F for fastest uninterrupted growth, then growing out the cuttings in the cups as documented... Good Luck
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      Thanks so much Pete i will definitely try it
      Vincent Canada Québec zone5