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  • Help with ID

    Hello all I am new to group and was needing some help on a fig tree ID as well. I rooted this one in April the picture is in Sept, first year. I was pretty surprised it had figs in the few short months it had to grow. This was the first year I ever rooted fig trees from cuttings I kept in the fridge all winter. Fig is pretty large. Thanks for any help.
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    Do you have a picture of the inside of the fruit? It reminds me of Italian Honey/ Lattarula, but that's a guess.
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      Kelby, nope I do not. Will have to wait until this year.


      • Kelby
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        Was it amber colored?
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      Wish List - Any LSU fig


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        Mary Lane Seedless is my best guess.
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          Has Brooklyn White leaves - spot on, really - fast growing and sun exposed, thin lobed in those shapes, and where slow growing or more shaded, thicker lobed.

          Fruit shape is easily in the ballpark, oblate, as is the skin color given the under-ripe look to it. Sometimes the stems are not as long.

          Are you in the northeast US, or South, coastal?
          Tony WV 6b