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  • Ripening Times 2016

    I tried to note the 1st ripening fig of cultivars this year, I know I forgot to record some but I did better recording in 2016 than prior years. I broke down the data in 4 groups The general category of inground, pot, Breba, and Breba Pot. The potted figs were stored in a garage kept above freezing.

    There are other factors contributing that measure in that I did not note that factor into ripening times, such as age of tree, general tree health, location/exposure etc…. that are significant and effect ripening times, I have been baselining this each year and as trees mature and start to show consistency and in used with other folks ripening times relative to their climate might be helpful for folks. There is a couple that I need to go back and review as the date seems off and maybe I miss recorded a date and several I seem to have not recorded so I hope to improve that in 2017. I might try and recorded Prime ripen time next year as to me a more useful statistic, as sometimes you have a couple figs ripen weeks ahead of the main production can distort the date.
    LSU Gold Breba 6/12/2016
    UNK Adriatic Grasa Breba 6/24/2016
    Attilio Green Breba 7/1/2016
    unk Holland Shed Breba 7/2/2016
    O'Rourke Breba 7/19/2016
    Unk White Italian Breba pot 6/19/2016
    Kathleen B. Not maybe Sals C. Breba pot 6/21/2016
    Nero 600m Breba pot 6/26/2016
    King Breba pot 7/1/2016
    Florea Inground 7/20/2016
    Smith pot Inground 7/25/2016
    Celeste Holland Inground 7/27/2016
    Celeste HD BT NOT Inground 7/28/2016
    Hardy Chicago Inground 7/28/2016
    Tacoma Violet Inground 7/30/2016
    Blue celeste Inground 7/31/2016
    Hardy Hartford Inground 7/31/2016
    MBVS Inground 7/31/2016
    unk Octopus Inground 7/31/2016
    Kesariani Inground 8/1/2016
    LSU Gold Inground 8/2/2016
    Malta Black Inground 8/2/2016
    Unk Owensboro Inground 8/3/2016
    Dark Portuguese Inground 8/4/2016
    Gino's black Inground 8/4/2016
    O'Rourke Inground 8/4/2016
    Smith Inground 8/5/2016
    Almaria Inground 8/7/2016
    RDB Inground 8/7/2016
    LSU Improved Celeste Inground 8/8/2016
    unk Marseillies W. Inground 8/9/2016
    Attilio Green Inground 8/10/2016
    BT Lowes Inground 8/10/2016
    Hollier Inground 8/10/2016
    Bisirri #2 Inground 8/11/2016
    Saint Rita Inground 8/11/2016
    Salce Inground 8/11/2016
    Unk White Italian Inground 8/11/2016
    Black Bethlehem Inground 8/12/2016
    Attilio Purple Inground 8/13/2016
    Excel Inground 8/13/2016
    Unk holland shed Inground 8/13/2016
    Bisirri #3 Inground 8/14/2016
    Black Jack Inground 8/14/2016
    Dominick's Italian Inground 8/14/2016
    Golden Riverside 278-128 Inground 8/14/2016
    Troiano Calabrese Inground 8/16/2016
    UNK not MBVS Inground 8/16/2016
    White Triana ? Inground 8/16/2016
    Golden Celeste Inground 8/17/2016
    Lattarolla Inground 8/17/2016
    Dark Greek Inground 8/18/2016
    Pananas Purple Inground 8/18/2016
    Violette De Bordeaux Inground 8/19/2016
    Vista Inground 8/19/2016
    Kadota Inground 8/21/2016
    Alma Inground 8/23/2016
    Carini Inground 8/23/2016
    Bari Inground 8/25/2016
    Beall Inground 8/25/2016
    Celeste Goss Inground 8/25/2016
    Verde Inground 8/25/2016
    White Genoa Inground 8/25/2016
    Atreano Inground 8/26/2016
    Adratic JH Inground 9/1/2016
    Sicilian Red Inground 9/1/2016
    Scott's Black Inground 9/2/2016
    Panevino Dark Inground 9/7/2016
    Longue D'Aout Mike Inground 9/8/2016
    Bataglia green Inground 9/10/2016
    Col Littman's Black Cross Inground 9/11/2016
    Desert king Inground 9/11/2016
    Genovese Nero Robs Inground 9/11/2016
    Osborn Prolific Inground 9/12/2016
    Sals Corleone Inground 9/12/2016
    Nero 600m Inground 9/13/2016
    Samoa Sunshine Inground 9/13/2016
    Vasilika Sika Inground 9/13/2016
    Acciano Inground 9/14/2016
    Strawberry Verte Inground 9/14/2016
    Nordland Inground 9/15/2016
    Calvert Inground 9/18/2016
    Col de Dame Blanc Inground 9/29/2016
    Unk Brogiotto Bianco/B.P. not Inground 9/29/2016
    Valle Negra Inground 10/10/2016
    Panachee Inground 10/24/2016
    Troiano Calabrese Pot 7/19/2016
    unk Octopus Pot 7/26/2016
    LSU Gold Pot 7/27/2016
    Natalina Pot 7/27/2016
    Unk Owensboro Pot 7/31/2016
    Nero 600m Pot 8/5/2016
    Unk Germany Pot 8/7/2016
    Bisirri #2 Pot 8/8/2016
    Unk "Folly Beach Green" Pot 8/8/2016
    Tena Pot 8/14/2016
    White Triana Pot 8/16/2016
    NJ Red Pot 8/18/2016
    Ischia Black Pot 8/20/2016
    Black Madeira Pot 8/21/2016
    Scott's Black Pot 8/21/2016
    Acciano Pot 8/22/2016
    Unk Major Houlihan Pot 8/25/2016
    Ventura Pot 8/25/2016
    Raspberry Latte Pot 9/12/2016
    Unk "Crestwood Brown Turkey" Pot 9/16/2016
    Black Madeira JF&E NOT Pot 10/1/2016
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    Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,

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    Thanks for posting this useful information. Do you have any clear standouts in terms of winter hardiness/minimal die back?
    Jesse in western Maine, zone 4/5
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    • strudeldog
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      Only in memory but if you have a particular cultivar in question I will try and answer

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    Thanks for the info.


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      Wow. Your LSU Gold is very early. Is it normally that early for everyone else?
      Zone 7A - Philadelphia
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      • Fygmalion
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        Ross... you were asking about the breba or main croppers or both? Just curious... no experience with this variety although I did get some cuttings this winter to start and had heard that it was a good breba cropper....

      • strudeldog
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        This is the 1st year I had Breba on LSU gold, and I have a note the Breba were not that great, I find Breba on many cultivar not very good. The prior year dates I have for main crop 8/12/2015 8/7/2014

      • mountainfigs
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        Doing the math: Phil's first main crop LSU Gold ripened 5 days after his first main crop Mt Etna. My first main crop LSU Gold ripened this year 8 days after my first Mt Etna. So, similar results here. Gold was my earliest main crop golden honey fig to ripen, though not by a lot, and Kadota ripened on the same day.

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      Maybe better to post in a separate thread, I don't know, but here is my ripening order for SW PA, zone 6a. All Main crop. When one fruit of a plant ripened 7d or more ahead of the rest I noted it as an outlier, some of those I managed to record the date of the second fig

      8/11 RdB

      8/13 Florea

      8/14 LSU Tiger

      8/15 Tuscan Dark (?outlier)

      8/17 Bryant Dark (?outlier), Conadria (?outlier), Black Bethlehem (?outlier)

      8/18 Atreano Gold, O'Rourke

      8/21 Salce, Atreano, second Tuscan Dark, U Point Breeze

      8/23 Champagne, Jason's Unk Black Ischia

      8/24 Lattarula, Nero 600m(?outlier)

      8/27 Kathleen Black, Chicago Hardy, possible St Anthony(??)

      8/28 Adriatic (JH) , LSU Purple, Unk SM3 (‘purple’)

      8/29 Old Brooklyn Italian, Unknown Antonelli, Letiza

      8/30 Emerald Strawberry, LSU Gold, Sal's(GH)

      9/1 Qalaat al Madiq, Unk Calderwood, BI39

      9/4 Unk MA, Unk SM 2 ('red')

      9/5 “St Rita NOT”, another Nero 600m

      9/7 Susser Georg, Malta Black

      9/8 Chiappetta, Salem White(not quite ripe)

      9/10 Valle Negra, Italian Black(could have used another day or so)

      9/11 Bourjasotte Gris

      9/12 VdB

      9/13 UIAS-single

      9/15 Carini-single

      9/20 Brooklyn Dark

      9/24 Black Triana, Red Sicilian (MN)

      9/27 second Carini

      9/30 second UIAS

      10/6 Improved Celeste(delayed by planting in ground?)

      10/10 Black Zadar(first year plant)

      Mid Oct Unk SM1 ('green'), Unk Chios Dark(first year plant)

      I note that I missed a few including my 2 MBvs! Almost all these were in 5 or 4 gallon SIPs. Only the Sal's(Gene) was inground at the start of the season; Salem White and one of my two Chicago Hardys, Adriatic(JH) and Bryant Dark were put in ground during the spring, and several varietites were planted in sunken buckets with roots out into the ground including the Improved Celeste, Takoma Violet and UIAS. I think some were delayed by the sunken bucket approach.

      Several were significantly later than last year, which had been my first to get a significant harvest, including the Malta Black, Brooklyn Dark and Red Sicilian (MN). These had all been good growers and producers the previous year and did worse this past season, and I suspect may be rootbound in their second year in the SIP. Further study needed.
      SW PA zone 6a


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        Phil, thanks for that info. A couple of interesting comparisons from 95 miles down south of you.

        Kesarani yours on 8/1/16 vs mine on 7/13/16 (mine came from yours)
        Nordland yours on 9/15/16 vs mine on 7/16/16 (prob not same variety)
        Takoma Violette yours 7/30/16 vs mine on 7/22/16
        Attillio Green yours 8/10/16 vs mine 7/23/16
        St. Rita yours 8/11/16 vs mine 7/17/16
        Malta Black yours 8/2/16 vs mine 7/26/16
        Ginos Black yours 8/4/16 vs mine 7/31/16
        Smith yours 8/5/16 vs mine 7/31/16
        Valle Negra yours 10/10/16 vs mine 8/10/16 (prob not same variety)
        Sals Corleone yours 9/12/16 vs mine 8/19/16
        Col de Dame Blanc yours 9/29/16 vs mine 9/2/16
        Scotts Black yours 9/2/16 vs mine 8/10/16
        newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


        • strudeldog
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          Mike my Nordlands and Valle Negra frooze to ground the Valle Negra grew back like crazy, both Nordlands just kind of sulked. My larger St. Rita is from you as is Attillio Green. last winter were mine's 1st in ground and I don't manage to push the growth you manage but I am betting given a couple years we will see gaps narrow

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        Let's use Florea as a benchmark for earliness, then look at Ronde de Bordeaux. Ed's results (like mine, not published) have RdB ripening at about the same time as (actually 2 days before) Florea. On the other hand, Strudeldog has RdB ripening 18 days after Florea. So there's an apparent almost 3 week variance.

        Put differently, Strudeldog is ~3 weeks ahead of me and Ed for Florea (and others) but roughly contemporaneous for RdB.

        I realize that this can be randomly related to something idiosyncratic about Strudeldog's RdB. But I seem to recall seeing this pattern before -- where RdB is more or less contemporaneous with Florea in the North but later than Florea in the South.

        Can others add evidence to confirm or deny this pattern?

        Joe, Z6B, RI.


        • eboone
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          Joe - are yours in ground or containers?

        • jrdewhirst
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          Good question. I noticed after writing that yours are almost all in SIPs, if I interpret your note correctly. The plants I mentioned are in the ground. This past summer, Florea ripened first on 8/16; RdB on 8/20 (so my RdB was just a bit behind Florea). [The year before Florea started on 8/17; RdB was much later but it was a new planting.] Among other in-ground trees: MBvs and HC started in late August (I can't say the exact dates because I was away); Gene's Paradiso started In mid-Sept.

          There's other stuff in pots, but that wasn't the target of your question.

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        Thanks everyone for posting your ripening results. I posted my results here a minute ago but then decided to make my own thread.
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          Hey thanks all for posting info. Actually If a moderator could change the title to something along “Ripen Times 2016” that might be good. The more data to review the better

          Some differences I have noted to my dates relative to other in my orchard make sense when I factor in what condition different trees came out of last winter. Mike noted on our Nordland being 2 month off and I have small tree from 2 different source. Both died back to ground and were some of the latest to show growth, and actually only one of them I think fruited, a couple years ago it was stated it was a cold tolerant cultivar but not in my yard so far and neither did either of my LDA, but hopefully if they establish better with a couple years in ground they will move up. My RDB was dead to ground as well, whereas my Florea I don’t think took any damage so imagine if I can get it through winter better it will move up. If it doesn’t I might need to get a start from some one earlier RDB. Last winter was 1st in ground for all but about 6 trees for me, a couple years of establishment might change things up
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          Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,


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              Thank you! I will incorporate this.