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  • Yeehova
    I removed the mulch from many of my outdoor figs this morning and discovered many green buds and leaves. I think much growth above the mulch line was killed on many of my figs, but I will wait and see.

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  • AscPete
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and info...
    I'm still waiting for the ground to defrost so I can dig out my buried espaliers.

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  • Taverna78
    started a topic Finally start to unbury my trees!

    Finally start to unbury my trees!

    Thank goodness the weather here finally plain out and stay above freezing. These are my first two of many I still have to unbury and my second biggest tree. We unbury monster tomorrow. My nephew is almost 5feet and I use bic lighter to show width of trunks and my foot is USA men 13.5.
    Before tis winter we will dig these tree out with machine and maybe sell or replant at the farm. Because where they are at land is being sold. The bigger one is purple fig and smaller of the two is blanco
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