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  • Mountainfigs 2017 Grow Log

    2017 plans, growing zone 6b, WV:
    • Document first ripening dates for each variety
    • Document flavor, pulp and skin color category for each variety
    • Reduce pot size and increase planting density and document ripe fig production
    • Late winter prune to increase fig production
    • Stock and fruit some of the most premier varieties: the Bordissot and Col de Dame families...
    • Maximize production of the most rewarding zone appropriate varieties, especially a top 5 for quantity, a top 15 for diversity, and a top 25 for depth
    • Explore sales opportunities of fruit or stock
    • Document results in forum and more extensively at site: https://mountainfigs.net/
    Overall, continue to pursuer greater quantity and quality of ripe figs, including greater diversity and longer harvests of figs. Mostly grow in pots, minimally in ground.
    Tony WV 6b

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    Awesome job Tony. You have a lot planned as well.

    Your website has some good stuff too.
    May the Figs be with you!


    • mountainfigs
      mountainfigs commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks, Matt. As I noted in PM I like the idea of grow logs, especially if the threads can be accessed in one place, while still being left in the general forum mix. I don't think it needs its own sticky, but could well go in the existing sticky: "Index of Frequently Referenced Topics".