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  • Condit's Figs

    Does anyone have a list of all the figs Condit bred?

    I've found that he bred Excel, Galbun (Gulbun?), Flanders, Nardine, Deanna, Tena, Yvonne, and Conadria. I've only really seen Excel, Galbun, Flanders, and Conadria available.

    I wonder if there are figs out there that 'escaped' the breeding program as with LSU. Of course, it is California so there are seedlings everywhere.
    SE PA
    Zone 6

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    I have Deanna but it is still just a 12 inch tree.
    Darkman AKA Charles in Pensacola South of I-10 zone 8b/9a


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      I have a couple Tena's from UC Davis that I got last year.

      I also saw that JFE has Tena.

      Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


      • fitzski
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        i think either Harvey or Wills have been selling Deanna cuttings and/or trees recently on eBay too.

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      Kelby, I have an extra Deanna. Let me know if you want to grow it.
      Shailesh, Pennsylvania, ZONE 6B


      • Kelby
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        Thanks Shailesh, but I'm overloaded already! Just curious about them.

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      On the topic, does anyone know if Galbun and Gulbun are the same?

      I have a Galbun and Condit bred a Gulbun...transcription error somewhere along the way?
      SE PA
      Zone 6


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        One of the most unique figs bred by Condit is the Ficus pumila and Ficus carica cross (called "Ruth Bancroft" by Woodlanders).

        The small edible fig that it produces is nonparthenocarpic - so, needs the wasp.

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        Tony WV 6b


        • Kelby
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          Very cool! I find interspecific and intergeneric hybrids really fascinating.

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        Rather than start a new post on this topic, I'd like to add to it by listing all the common figs known to be bred by Ira Condit. This is basically just stolen from http://www.raysfigs.com/newyank.html, where he lists all figs known to be bred in the USA. Of these, I have only had Conadria (from Raintree) and I LOVE it... it's very rich with a thick texture when I allow it to fully ripen.

        In addition to listing the varieties, I've included a source in case anyone is interested in collecting them.

        Conadria (very common)
        Deanna (figcuttings.com; Durio Nursery)
        DiRedo (can't find a commercial source, but several members have this one)
        Excel (so common that it's a Dave Wilson variety; currently at Home Depot in Tucson, AZ)
        Flanders (very common)
        Galbun (Gulbun?) (figcuttings.com)
        Jurupa (figcuttings.com; Durio Nursery)
        K-7-11 (Durio Nursery)
        Nardine (Durio Nursery)
        Tena (JFE, figcuttings.com, Durio Nursery)
        Yvonne (can't find a commercial source or any evidence that members have it)

        So who has caught them all? Are any of these special or unique in any way?


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          I believe there were two persistent /edible capri figs, Enderud and Salib. They were used as pollen parents in subsequent breeding efforts.
          John Z5 Wish list: