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  • OT: best deal on 100' ft rubber garden hose

    Hey guys

    Just wanted to let you know this deal happens every so often but this is probably the lowest I ever saw it. This is by far the best hose you will ever own, I went through 3 hoses before I stocked up on these. I know many people who swear by these, they don't kink and it's rubber, no mixed materials.

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    Mine kinks when less than full pressure is on, I have 3
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      I like mine. That is a good price for 100 foot.
      Jennings, Southwest Louisiana, Zone 9a


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        I have the 50 footer, best hose I've ever owned for kink resistance, zero kinks with pressure applied. It is heavier than the typical plastics and you may want to rag wipe your new one to remove the film that can leave your hands black. Other than those two minor dislikes it's excellent.
        Conrad, SoCal zone 10
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