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  • Col de Dame cuttings available

    As you all can see, this sold out, thank you everyone. Cuttings will ship friday, sorry for the delay but I have a busy week coming up.

    Col de Dame Grise Belleclare 2 available, SOLD OUT

    Col de Dame Noir Baud SOLD OUT

    Col de Dame Blanc Belleclare $5 each, strong grower no fmv SOLD OUT

    Col de Dame Blanc Baud 2 available SOLD OUT

    Coll' de Dama Rimada MP

    Coll' de Dama Blanca Negra MP 2 available, $10 each SOLD OUT

    I also have 1 cutting available of Bourjasotte Grise from Prusch Park, beautiful fruit one of my favorite figs SOLD OUT

    $3 shipping and handling on all orders, paypal only, PM me
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    Zone 10b, Miami, FL

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    Rafael -- When do these ripen for you in NY?
    Joe, Z6B, RI.


    • Rafaelissimmo
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      Hi Joe

      The Grise and the Blanca-Negra ripen in August and Sept w the gh headstart. Rimada is very late, Oct and November. The Blanc and Noir have ripened erratically in aug, sept and oct but the main problem has been productivity and early fruit set, I am having trouble inducing that, tinkering with better techniques, the early headstart by itself is not enough.

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    Have to ask as a fairly newbie; what is the difference between "Col de Dame Blanc Belleclar" and "Col de Dame Blanc Baud"?

    Other than the original supplier, of course.

    North East, OK - zone 7a/6b
    Wish List: WM #1, MBVS, LSU Hollier, Sodus Sicilian, Sweet Diane, Yellow Long Neck


    • Rafaelissimmo
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      I never implied there was a difference, it is, as you say, just the origin. For some of us, it matters. Anyway, in fact I see little difference in the fruit but the Belleclare is a more vigorous grower as well.

    • CliffH
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      Thanks for the clarification for us fairly new to figs. You have to admit that is gets a little confusing.... :-)

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    Rafael, is this the correct Grise?


    • Rafaelissimmo
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      Absolutely Brian, check the pics I posted on the Grise thread as well as pics I have posted on Rafed's page.

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    PM sent
    Western Orange County, FL