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  • VdBronx ???

    Forgive.. but, what is a Bronx Purple? I'm sure as my limited knowledge allows as I'm still wet behind the ears. But, I have a couple of Bronx Purple cuttings leafing out and said to myself.... Self.. Figs didn't originate in the Bronx. so, it begs the question
    Bill- Zone 6b, Meridian, Idaho
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    I don't know what the unknown Bronx Italian Purple figs is but there are hundreds if not thousands of "Purple" fig trees in the Bronx, NY. These fig trees have similarities to Hardy Chicago aka Bensonhurst Purple and most Mount Etna Types.

    One cultivar that I've put into circulation is the Unknown BryantDark,

    Available history and photos of the "Mother" tree were posted,

    IMO, 50% - 60% of the fig trees in the Bronx are of a similar type and most are of Italian heritage. Good Luck.

    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      The leaves look so healthy and pristine. How are the figs taste wise?

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      Healthy leaves are typical of many older in-ground trees in NYC, probably due to the colder zone, lack of fig mites (FMV infections) and occasional complete winter die-back. The figs are moderately sweet with a light raspberry flavor, similar to most Mount Etna Types.

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    I have several Bronx Italian Purple UNK growing in my yard that I pruned and distributed cuttings from this past fall. The fig came from my in-laws fig tree growing on Haight Avenue... The fig is extremely prolific and is impossible to kill despite dying back to the ground each winter (no protection). In my zone 6A area, it tended to ripen starting latter part of August in the hot summer years and early September otherwise and then would continue to ripen until the first serious frosts nipped the leaves (and then sometimes after that)... Generally, not overwhelmingly sweet but pleasingly so...
    Tony - Zone 6A
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      Impossible to kill.......now that is a fig for me