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  • Grantham's Royal and White Triana breba

    This photo today showing the different shapes of White Triana and Grantham's Royal breba figlets. GR is much more flattened, like an LSU Gold shape. WT is comparatively elongated. Am very curious to see how both of these cultivars' brebas turn out.
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    Tony WV 6b

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    Looks good, Tony. Let us know how Grantham's Royal does for you, I've one struggling along that I hope will do well that I'm looking forward to.
    SE PA
    Zone 6


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      In my yard Granthams Royal is No.1 for brebas. Dk is no.2. Granthams Royal taste supreme over DK. So far GR is equal to
      DK in productivity and reliability in my yard. GR tends to ripen about 2 weeks later than DK. It is so good, I gave away my
      2nd large in ground DK tree.


      • mountainfigs
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        That's great to hear. My Desert King is much bigger than my Grantham's Royal but no brebas on it, at least so far. Desert King like Salem Dark grows and grows but not much fruit, to this point.

      • cis4elk
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        Is your DK in ground, and is it a tissue culture tree or grown from a cutting, or did you buy it from a nursery and don't know?

      • mountainfigs
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        It's in pot, 7 gallon. Came from Raintree nursery as I recall.