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  • Getting bumped?

    I think a topic was written about this before - I did a cursory search - but I keep getting bumped out. Does anyone else experience this? I had to log in 5 times in about 10 minutes.

    Make that 6 times - I was kicked out again before trying to post this
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    Arne - Northern NJ - Zone 6A

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    I don't know


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      Arne - reach out to wills or AdminIT and they should be able to fix the issue. Or try this first:

      Sometimes you need to clear your browser cache , shut all instances of your browser and open up. Then log back in with your credentials and it should work.
      May the Figs be with you!


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        I have not had any issues getting bumped out of the site.
        Bill - Long Island, NY 7a
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