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  • Laradek brebas

    I have a small Laradek's EBT, started as a cutting last year, potted in an unheated attached garage. I acquired it as part of an initiative to expand the season here by harvesting more brebas. At this point, the tree has ~50" of branches on a short trunk. On those branches, there appear to be 28 breba buds, nearly one at every leaf node. That's better than any other common fig I own, and it may rival the San Pedros (I can't really tell yet because they are not as far along).

    It's way too early to declare victory, but I thought the progress thus far was worth reporting. Here is a close-up (unfortunately blurry) pic of one branch and another farther back pic of most of the tree, which sits in front of some other varieties. But you should be able to focus on the tree up front, ignore what's behind.

    Joe, Z6B, RI.

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    I have EBT trees for more or less the first time this year and am seeing something similar, tallish, straight growing trees putting on brebas as many as or more than any other variety. Makes me think that helps explain why this cultivar became so reportedly widespread in the south: as this would be a relatively easy tree to sell or pass along due to its relatively abundant visible early fruit, making it visually desirous.

    On a somewhat related note, Pastiliere here this year has a couple brebas that came on blue, not green, unlike every other variety I've seen, as far as I recall. Reportedly these brebas will drop. An interesting sight, hope to take a photo soon.
    Tony WV 6b


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      Very nice! I can't see my LaRadek's in the pile, but my other EBTs look like they have lots of brebas.
      SE PA
      Zone 6